Porcelain Tiles – for all applications, inherently more robust than their ceramic cousins. Available glazed, unglazed, natural or polished, and stocked in sizes from 100 x 100 mm to 600 x 1200 mm. Many of the finishes mimic natural stones.

More and more tiles are produced in the new generation porcelain production plants, resulting in a bewildering variety of products available on the market. We carefully select our products to reflect our ethos of quality, price and design.

As with the rota-screen technology, another manufacturing feature to look out for is ‘multi-pressings’. All tiles are individually pressed at great pressures to create the ‘biscuit’ body, which is later glazed and fired. Again, the better quality ranges are pressed in a variety of moulds which, when glazed with inkjet printed glazes, feature tiles one would be hard pressed to tell from nature. Currently we offer several realistic wood effect tiles.

Another feature of porcelain-bodied tiles is that they can be re-machined to polish the structure of the surface, producing an extremely hard-wearing and shiny surface, often seen used in prestigious commercial installations, shopping malls and airports.
Our ‘semi-polished’ tiles have a delightfully worn look, giving a subtly aged appearance to your floor.

Ceramic Tiles – for walls and floors, traditional value for money tiles for most situations.

Available in a large variety of finishes and sizes. The majority of our tiles are ceramic and represent a wide range of effects, from natural stones to pristine whites, in both gloss and matte glazes.

Look out for ‘rota-screened’ effects. Most patterned glazes are created by screen-printing; the better looking finishes are achieved by moving the screens during the glazing process to realize a more natural appearance. This is a feature that we look out for in selecting ranges.

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